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We start with an in-person meeting to get to know you. We listen very carefully to all your concerns and issues from budgets to personnel. Afterwards, we create a requirements or SOW document that outlines tasks, costs and a strategic plan that will offer the best solution.
Keep it visual. Our project managers know that “responsiveness” is key to delivering the best possible client care. We are always honest about the data and deliver on time and on budget.
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What is data governance?
In today’s fast-moving environment, there is a lot of data all around us. Now, organizations can improve their operations, reduce costs and maximize their value, with a proper process of managing the availability, usability, integrity, and security of the data.
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Differences between reporting and analysis
Many people consider that reporting and analysis are the same and we don’t blame them; but they’re not. Both use data, both can create charts and graphs, so… What’s the difference?
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Google Analytics vs Adobe Analytics, what’s the difference?
When you think about obtaining information about user behavior on your website, you ask yourself, what tool to use? Or which one will give you the best results. There is a way to find out, and here we will help you by showing you some differences that may exist between these two analysis tools.
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Did you know?
Companies who adopt data-driven marketing are six times more likely to have an advantage over the competition and increase profitability.
“Truemetrics team uncovered valuable insight on all our emails, and gave me crucial recommendations. Brilliant!”
Nick Metcalfe -
CRM and Loyalty for Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC​
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“Truemetrics gets our business. Anyone can deliver static reports — but Truemetrics consistently providesinsight into what’s working and what not. In short, they make my life easier. I wish all my vendors did that…”
John Flynn -
Senior Vice President Consumer Engagement And Direct-To- Consumer Marketing, Worldwide
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“Truemetrics is a valued partner. They got up to speed quickly, assessed the need and over delivered. I’ve worked with them in other roles and will continue to bring them onboard for analytics projects".
Vickie DeNicola -
VP, E-commerce The Great Courses​
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