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Data Governance

Analytics Strategy, QA and Audits, Analytics Tracking Strategy, Audit & Taxonomy, Solution Design & Implementation, Adobe DTM to Launch Migration, Data Governance Tools, Training & Support

Media Device - Tracking Code Audit
Services: Python, Tealium, Charles, MixPanel, Google Tag Manager
Comprehensive Solution for Digital Analytics Measurement & Data Governance
Services: Adobe Analytics, Adobe Launch, Taglynx, Python, Google Analytics

Strategy, Implementation & QA

Tool Selection, Variable Map, KPI Definition, Naming Conventions, Traffic Code Setup and Verification

Develop a clear picture of funnel analysis
and macro/micro conversion events
Services: Adobe Analytics & Target Implementation,WorkSpace Training
B2B Ecommerce
Product and Conversion Measurement
and Baseline Reporting
Services: Google Analytics Strategy, Solution Design & Implementation, Google Tag Management and Google Data  Studio
Adobe Personalization
Pixel Tracking & Tag Implementation
Services: Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, Custom JS coding, Adobe WorkSpace, Tealium Tag Management, HR IT Consulting
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Digital Asset Management (DAM)
Adobe Asset Insights Analytics
Services: (AEM) Adobe Experience Manager, Asset Insight Analytics, Tealium, Sitecore and custom coding with JavaScript and Python.
Digital APP User Experience Measurement and Data Reporting
Services: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio.Digital APP User Experience Measurement and Data Reporting
Our Work

Reporting & Analysis

Executive Dashboards, Client Templates, Multiple Data Sets, AB Testing and Data Visualization

Making Media Data
Services: Tableau, Tableau Development, SQL, Amazon Redshift and
Data Visualization
Our Work

Cloud Computing and Data Science

Data Collection Pipeline
Services: Python, AWS, SQL
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