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Fox Digital Consumer Group (DCG) is a strategic business unit within Fox Networks Group (FNG). The group’s focus is the development of TV and long-form, video-centric products that bring Fox’s content to more consumers.
Business Need
  • Migrate old reports to a tool that offers quick and Interactive visualizations and Integrates with scripting languages.
  • Find a vendor who has experience in Tableau Development to enable complex back end data connections.
  • Transition all major product reports from Adobe Analytics to Tableau via Amazon Redshift database.
  • Transform static reports into dynamic visualizations that address video and product consumption.
  • Provide Tableau Certified Professionals with advanced knowledge and skills in Tableau Desktop/Server.
  • Work with DCG technology team to audit and setup Tableau backend data connections with advance SQL.
  • Understand the nuance of Adobe Analytics taxonomy and tracking variables to migrate and transform data.
  • Format a variety of reports that answered stakeholders key questions;
    • What was daily and weekly video platform performance and consumption?
    • Who is the audience and where did they come from for Video On-Demand and Live Data?
    • How does current trends compare to historical data?
  • Senior management could see and understand how their digital products were being consumed.
  • Advanced analysis using important correlations can now be achieved by visualizing historical data and trends.
  • Verify data accuracy and delivered a timely, high-level overview for executives using live data.
  • Tableau offers the ability to drill down quickly for deeper analysis without needing multiple reports.
Tableau, Adobe Analytics, SQL, Amazon Redshift
Truemetrics has hired a fantastic team of web analytics professionals. ABC Family’s success and traffic growth was in part due to their expert analysis and attention to detail.
Josh Auffret -
Senior Producer, ABC Television Group
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