Data Science & Automation
The ability to gain insight[s] from your data is critical
Truemetrics uses advanced analytics (as needed) to build knowledge and improve understanding of consumers, markets and competitors. With experience across many industries and markets, Truemetrics can help you turn insights into action and improve decision-making and problem solving, drive changes and enhance business practices.
What We Do:
  • Data audits and integration across multiple channels
  • Model building and testing
  • Machine scoring and learning models
  • Predictive analytics and forecasting
  • Data mining and market segmentation
  • Consumer perceptions, behavior and retention studies
  • Sales Forecasting and Sales Modeling
Predictive Analytics
Predictive modeling gives you the power to discover hidden relationships in your volumes of structured and unstructured data and use those insights to confidently predict the outcome of future events and interactions. Whether we are using a predictive modeling tool or other techniques, we will enable decision-makers in every part of your organization to develop a deeper understanding of your customers, students or constituents, and solve even complex challenges faster.
The Method to our Madness
Truemetrics improves business decision-making and problem solving. We improve decision-making using a variety of methods including hybrid business and academic data models, factorial designs and testing, multivariate statistics, and advanced modeling techniques. At Truemetrics, we produce the most effective and efficient data solutions by matching the best method(s) to the problem at hand.
Truemetrics is also sensitive to how quickly the data environment is changing for most businesses — with the need for scalable solutions that provide additional insights and build value over time. We make sure your data is useful now and stays relevant later. Are you buried in data? Are you just listening to data noise? Truemetrics will help build you a data strategy that best meets your goals/needs. Call us for a free data audit and consultation. We can help make your data work for you.
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