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Digital Asset Management (DAM) Adobe Asset Insights Analytic
Freedom Marketing Agency, a leading DAM consultancy services a wide variety of clients including Equitable, an industry leader in life insurance and financial services. Their mission is to help their clients secure their financial well-being so they can pursue long and fulfilling lives.
Business Need
  • Manage DAM asset tracking implementation by leveraging standard out-the-box Adobe Asset Insights analytics tracking and custom coding.
  • Understand user ratings and usage statistics of images that are used in third-party websites, marketing campaigns, and Adobe creative solutions.
  • Create a solution document custom data setup in Adobe DAM asset reporting.
  • Customize the Adobe Asset Insight analytics implementation JS code according to JavaScript i.e. async way.
  • Create a solution design reference and a technical document based on the client’s unique DAM requirements.
  • Also, create a new tag and extension in Tealium to implement and Adobe Analytics and Adobe Asset Insights.
  • Finally, with Java and Python, use Adobe Analytics Rest APIs to fetch data from Adobe Analytics and feed intoAdobe DAM for crucial asset reporting and visualizations.
  • Equitable has the ability to track key asset elements for important campaigns and improve the marketing message.
  • Equitable can track which page particular assets are used with custom reporting available in the DAM Asset report.
  • Freedom and Truemetrics created various reports and dashboards showing asset clicks and usage in Adobe Analytics.
  • We made the life of Equitable marketers easy by improving their confidence in the business of data and reporting.
Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, Tealium, Python, Sitecore
Truemetrics has hired a fantastic team of web analytics professionals. ABC Family’s success and traffic growth was in part due to their expert analysis and attention to detail.
Josh Auffret -
Senior Producer, ABC Television Group
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