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Adobe Personalization Pixel Tracking & Tag Implementation
AXS believes in empowering the venue with the tools to act on real-time data, enable seamless organizational efficiency, and a simple customer journey. Powering the ticket buying experience for over 350 worldwide partners – teams, arenas, theaters, clubs, and colleges – to maximize the value of all their events and create joy for fans.
Business Need
  • Audit client digital properties to identify and fix open issues in the existing Adobe Targetimplementation.
  • Identify Target improvement areas with respect to best practices like page performance, asynchronous load order, flicker management, rationalize multiple target calls, A4T, and new features of at.js (latest adobe target library).
  • Work with stakeholders to develop a standard operating procedure for accepting and implementing new client pixe requests that are embedded in AXS back-end platform.
  • Provide a certified contractor to help with Adobe Tag Management for foreign territories and assist in migration ofpixels on a per-client basis, from the legacy checkout flow to new consolidated flow.
  • Adobe Target was implemented using LAUNCH with mbox parameters and existing target library load order was fixed.
  • Worked in collaboration with web development team to enable identification of third-party events in Target and set up Adobe Analytics code for foreign territory sites.
  • Set up an A/B test activity in Target to optimize the ticket conversion flow for third party events.
  • Using Adobe LAUNCH, we implemented Adobe Analytics code for foreign territory sites and 3rd party pixel tracking.
  • Truemetrics Adobe specialists worked closely with AXS internal team to re-implement and refine key Adobe Products.
  • By setting up Adobe Analytics, AXS was able to track important 3rd party pixels and deliver accurate reports.
  • With Adobe Target, we created ticket purchase conversion flow optimization and delivered crucial test results.
Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Tealium.
Truemetrics has hired a fantastic team of web analytics professionals. ABC Family’s success and traffic growth was in part due to their expert analysis and attention to detail.
Josh Auffret -
Senior Producer, ABC Television Group
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