Product & App Measurement for US and Foreign Territories
Business Need
  • Tracking multiple territory sites from countries for a regional and global perspective.
  • Provide analytics support by performing a comprehensive tracking code audit for the 12 mainglobal territory sites and outlining changes to meets measurement best practices.
  • Audit and fix Google Analytics tags for sites, video players, social network and advertising.
  • Optimize site search and review errors regarding page load and duplication of pageviews.
  • A reporting solution that serves both the individual territories as well as US headquarters.
  • Truemetrics will audit data, settings and reporting in Company’s Google Analytics (GA) andGoogle Tag Manager (GTM) Accounts.
  • Provided recommendations on universal tracking consistency of properties; event nametaxonomy, and work closely with in-house developer to change GTM as necessary.
  • Enhance content analysis improving content group strategy by campaign attribution.
  • Delivered country territory reports that summarize content consumption, visualize cleartraffic source and attribution from all channels: social, email, organic etc.
  • Sony now is able to:
  • Accurate visibility of statistics on revenue and orders making reports actionable for senior management.
  • Clarity on the effectiveness of each (meantion video player issues).
  • Using Data Studio, the team now clearly defines user interactions and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio.
Truemetrics has hired a fantastic team of web analytics professionals. ABC Family’s success and traffic growth was in part due to their expert analysis and attention to detail.
Josh Auffret -
Senior Producer, ABC Television Group
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