Cylance - BlackBerry

Comprehensive Solution for Digital Analytics Measurement & Data Governance
About the Client
  • Cylance Inc. (Black Berry) is a software firm that develops antivirus programs to prevent advanced threats and malware
  • They are the first company to apply artificial intelligence, algorithms, and machine learning to cyber security
  • Their website ecosystem generates content that is relevant to their desired audience, identifyingkey marketing segments to “funnel” from lead, to prospect, to product sales
Business Need
  • Develop a strategy that provides data integrity and empowers management to act on analysis
  • Define and organize business requirements identified by stakeholders
  • Execute Adobe Analytics implementation while maintaining Google Analytics & GTM
  • Set up Adobe Launch and help maintain code updates
  • Train the internal team on the new Adobe Analytics platform and reporting needs
Solution & Process
  • Understand business goals then customize analytics tracking strategy
  • Deconstruct client campaign tracking, redesigned naming convention, and implemented global taxonomy for tracking uniformity; campaigns and key site content
  • Create a comprehensive Solution Design Document for developers to translate business requirements into code variables, enabling deeper analysis
  • Adobe Launch; connect single page apps, avoid custom code and publish changes to page code
  • Onboard Taglynx to create and manage proper campaigns tags, (Adobe SAINT classification for taxonomy)
  • Restored data integrity and confidence in reporting which helped make more informed decisions
  • Created taxonomy and a solution design playbook; foundational documents provided to maintaining clean code and reports
  • Implemented Adobe Launch allows for API driven changes and capture complex code updates in less dev time
  • Consistent well-organized campaign tags via Taglynx, allowed quicker analysis and decision making per campaign
Adobe Analytics, Adobe Launch, Taglynx, Python, Google Analytics
Truemetrics experience and deep knowledge provided us the level of guidance we need for a solid analytics practice.
Nathan Zahn -
Analytics Manager, Cylance
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