How to increase sales with Google Analytics and Google Ads

September 28, 2021

Would you like users who did not purchase on your website to return to complete it?

Yes? Well, now we will show you the benefits you get if you use the tools properly to get the correct data and thus achieve the objectives of your company.

Google Analytics is a tool that tracks and reports website traffic and helps measure the interaction that users have within the site. If you know how to make an excellent combination between this tool and another that complements it very well, you will increase your sales and achieve their projection.

But first, consider the benefits you can get from implementing Google Analytics.


  • Get information on the number of visitors per day.
  • Know if there are users who return to your site or new users.
  • Know the demographic reach of the site.
  • Identify the age range that visits your site and, thus, target the content.
  • Know the conversion rate.
  • Identify if there are any problems on the site, with the bounce rate.
  • Get data from the e-commerce process.
  • Get information from the page with the most and least view.

With this information, it is possible to make the best decisions about which aspects you need to change, improve, or implement to achieve the objectives of the site.

Apart from that, you will know your audience and how to set up your advertising campaigns better in the future to get the expected profits.

Doing the right combination of tools will be very useful, that's why we recommend you to consider Google Analytics + Google Ads.

Google Ads is a platform where you can make offers to show short ads, service offers, or product lists.

Combination of tools

As part of the Google Analytics configuration, there is a tool called Remarketing; this tool uses data and metrics about how visitors behave and interact with the website, for example, with a specific product page, and allows you to create custom lists that combined with google ads let you show relevant and valuable content to your target according to that behavior, this segmented ads will help you attract them back to the site to make a purchase.

How to activate Remarketing in Google Analytics.


  1. Enable Advertising Features in Property Settings.
  • In the Administrator section, go to “Tracking Information” and then to “Data Collection”.
  • Activate Remarketing and Advertising Reporting Features.
  1. You must link your Google Ads account
  2. You will need to create audiences to target your ads to that group of users. For example, you can create audiences of users who visited a specific page. But you can't create audiences that are based on demographics, age, gender, or interests.

To use this option, you don't need to configure something else than what we’ve already mentioned. 

Remarketing will only work for you during the time you specify; it can range from one to 540 days.

In conclusion, Google Analytics is the tool that can help you define the audiences you need to know, it's based on user behavior to make them return to the site and the purchase that they hadn't completed before.

That’s it! 

Please comment. Have you already combined those tools? Share your experience.

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