Why do you need to audit your website’s analytics?

February 21, 2019

Have you ever wondered why some companies have failed with their advertising campaign implementation strategies?

Sometimes we want to have results as soon as possible, but we omitted very important steps that will make the ultimate results change.

Auditing the analytics of your website is an essential action in any marketing strategy. You cannot improve something that you cannot evaluate and measure.

Do you know that the biggest mistake you can make is simply having data collection tools added? These tools do not guarantee that you are collecting the data correctly, because we usually leave the settings with the default setup or misconfigured values, therefore those values ​​are only limited to collecting basic metrics, losing additional and valuable data.

To correctly define your Data Strategy's KPIs, it's essential to have clearly defined marketing objectives

The first step to knowing things are going well is to check that the selected tools are according to your specific needs.

The audit helps you to evaluate that the data you have visualized to collect, is indeed what you are getting.

It is very important that the company makes sure that it has the data correctly collected because otherwise, you can decide based on bad data that probably will incur higher costs.

In addition, with the audit, you will detect if there is any misconfiguration of the platform's objectives, events, dimensions and custom metrics, Google Analytics (GA) data that are being received badly or simply not received.

Here are some benefits of auditing your site's analytics:

  • You know if the settings are well implemented.
  • You make sure you make the best decisions with the correct databases.
  • You invest your money better in launching campaigns.
  • You better understand the behavior of users on your website.
  • Achieve the achievement of objectives.
  • You reduce costs.

Remember that every process is carried out with a purpose and if you visualize investing your money well, it is better that you have the certainty that your data is correct and your site is reaching the target audience that you have defined.

If you need help with the audit of your website, you can contact us here for a free consultation.

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